Sunday, July 06, 2003

Goria: Nadia Hebson

This is the new show at Transition and runs until 27th July.

Nadia is predominantly a painter, she paints exquisite portraits on copper which are a tantilisiing mixture of traditional and contemporary - John Currin mixed with Hans Memling. For Goria however she has made an installation which places her paintings within an evocative environment.

For Goria, Transition has become a theatre set through which the viewer is invited to walk. There are towering trees and clouds of mist which finally part to reveal small, jewel like paintings. These are self portraits of an emotional artist with tears trickling down her face. There is also a minature grotto celebrating or remembering something long forgotten and inviting us to enter - but of course we are much too big.

The whole experiece is quietly affecting and really quite beautiful.

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