Thursday, June 17, 2010

Always Early

Once again I have managed to arrive at a gallery before the show starts. Went along yesterday to have a look at Sally Mann at The Photographers Gallery and... it doesn't start until tomorrow. I went all the way to Oxford to see a Tracey Emin show a while ago that didn't start until the following month. I suppose it is because when I read about something I just expect that it is on now. Also I probably want to be the first person to see it so I can show off.

I used to be really interested in Sally Mann's photography back in the 90s  - haven't seen anything of hers for a while - looks like she is showing new versions of the old work about her beautiful children (see pic above) + landscapes. Will write more when I have actually seen it.

Meanwhile there is a new show opening at Transition tonight - Michael Ajerman's Fishemen, Strawberry and Devil Crab and I have a painting in this Clash / Ray Lowry / London Calling show at the Idea Generation Gallery which also opens tonight.