Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Art Zoo Versus E9

So once again its ages since my last post blah blah blah. I think the problem is this new all singing all dancing blogger format. I can't do things that I used to do easily like upload pictures. I am probably being very stupid but thats how it is.

So here in London at the hub of the art world lots of things are happening. This weekend is the number one weekend in the artworld calender (if you are a wanabe corporate/commercial gallery or an unadventurous collector who just likes artfairs rather than real exhibitions) Friday sees the start of the Frieze art fair in Regents Park and Saturday see the start of the Zoo art fair in um Regents Park. The difference is that Zoo is for under 3 year old art organisations (a kind of arbitary figure used so that the Keith Talent Gallery just fits the bill)

Over at the sharp end of the London art scene in the East End, Transition has a new show opening on Friday night - E9. It doesn't contain any 'big' name artists but it is a really fab show about the area that the gallery is in and engages with. This specificity curiously has spawned new work which is beautiful and has a wistful universal appeal. There is also a brilliant publication to accompany it partially funded by The Arts Council and with a new piece of writing by novelist Tony White. You can buy it from the gallery and various local outlets and online at theTransition Website

As soon as I work out how to upload pics I will post some!


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed listening to Soiuxsie Sioux on the TV the other night talking about the Sex Pistols at the 100 hundred club, how at first 'people just didn't get it',....well my darling Cathy and Alex you just keep rockin' and rollin'... your delicate wistful girly shows are dynamite electricity...fuck em all it's an honour to show at Transition....

Paul Murphy said...

"(a kind of arbitary figure used so that the Keith Talent Gallery just fits the bill)" - is this true? I noticed a lot off good galleries that weren't in the zoo fair - surprising really.