Sunday, November 21, 2004

Goth Moth

Goth Moth

Ghost World

Goth Moth has opened at last at Transition and the weeks of preparation have resulted in a kinda creepy domestic gothic. The image shows work by Tobi Deeson (White Dresses - Non Biological), Shane Waltener (Web Doily), Myself (It's Me, I'm Cathy) and Mimei Thompson (Untitled). I think that it's a brilliant show but I suppose I am biased.

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Sam Alflatt said...

Hi, I've just been to see your Goth Moth exhibition and I felt I had to write to you to tell you how inspiring an experience it was for me. I was delighted as I came in the room to see how well you used such a tiny space to create a gothique atmosphere. The work was very interesting and gave me new ideas for my own work.
I bought a badge as I am a fan, and am wearing it proudly!
Take care, Samantha x