Sunday, October 22, 2006

Laura Owens, Nicole Wermers + lots of Others

As I mentioned in my previous post I have been out and about over the last week or so and have seen loads of art. My favourite things are Laura Owens at Camden Arts Centre, Pat O'Connor at Ashwin Street and Pierre Klossowski at the Whitechapel Gallery. I have also seen Hans Holbein and The Turner Prize at Tate Britain (and that silly Steam Roller thing that everybody is going on about on their blogs), Valesquez at The National Gallery (I thought there was going to be more in it) and Carsten Holler's slides at Tate Modern.

The Camden Arts Centre is a particularly strong candidate for public institution of the month. Laura Owens' show (who I have never been absolutely sure about) is stangely alluring. There is an annoying air of cleverness and fashion about her mish mash of styles and subject matter but there is something about the work which just makes you like it despite yourself. I can't easily talk about any of ther individual works because they are all untitled but there is one huge one with trees and butterflies (I have managed to find an image of it - above) which is really beautiful. Also at Camden is Edwina Ashton who has done a drawn on wallpaper and potted plants installation which is nice and almost my favourite piece - an installation by Nicole Wermers which is a giant earring (flamingo pink and pearly white) pierced onto the side of the gallery.

Oh and remember if you do go to Camden or any of the other galleries you can buy a copy of the new fab Garageland Nature as recommended by Steve Smith on his Golgonooza blog

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