Sunday, April 26, 2009

Art Mags and Garageland

I have just read this post on Jonathan Jones' Guardian blog, about art magazines.  I do agree about the boringness of the main stream art magazines with all their ads and pretensions. I am really not interested in the lifestyle of mega-wealthy art collectors or another review of a show in some far flung corner of the world by the same artist who was reviewed in the previous issue (at an institute who regularly advertises). And as for the more intellectually minded mags well frankly they are very, very boring. And then there are the more conservative, 'proper art' mags. All I can say is that the comment that commends Art in England must be written by an Art in England insider.

Sadly there is no mention of Garageland. If Jonathan or the commenters read it I hope they would think it addresses some of the criticisms made about the other mags - I like it anyway! Incidentally a piece by Leo Fitzmaurice called Beauty a list of possibilities that was in the Beauty issue of Garageland has been included in the Whitechapel Gallery Documents of Art book about Beauty edited by Dave Beech.


A.Painter said...

Thank you for the link to Londonpainting

Cathy said...

Its a great blog - I am a big fan