Thursday, March 13, 2003

Daying @ Transition

Martina Jenne Isabel Ivars Sharone Lifschitz

14th - 30th March

I have just been to the private view of a new show at Transition called Daying. It is a collaborative work made by three artists in a day about a day.

It is a very contemplative show, comprising of a series of photos of things the artists were doing at different times of the day. If you examine it carefully you can identify each artist’s pictures and three separate narratives are revealed.

Visually it is very satisfying linked as it is by a black 'thread' and broken up by numerical time labels. My favourite bit is as you enter the main part of the gallery, in front of you are photos of the three artists just after they have woken up – at the beginning of the time line. To your right are photos of the artists at the end of the day – at the end of the time line. It makes for a pleasing closure to the cyclical nature of 'Daying'.

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