Saturday, March 08, 2003

Publicness - The ICA
(29th Jan-16th March 2003)

This show features the work of three artists - Jens Haaning, Matthieu Laurette and Aleksandra Mir.

It seems to be about interventions that artists and obviously these three in particular, make in the real world. It is really quite a lame show and its language speaks to those already initiated in the art world yet it trades on the pretext of being inclusive.

The downstairs room features jokes translated into arabic and then posted on to advertising hordings in different cities. Also letters written to various countries requesting citizenship for the artist so she can show under their name at the Venice Biennale.

OK I admit that I didn't look at all of it as carefully as I could of because it bored me, it (the show) was lazy and required too much work from the viewer. It also seemed to patronize the "ordinary" non-artists it was seeking to engage.

Best bits - lookalike pictures from different countries and a collection of wine bottles with artist designed labels.

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