Saturday, January 10, 2004

Girl on Girl

There is a new show opening at Transition next week (Friday 16th if you fancy coming along) called Girl on Girl. This deliberately provocative title has obviously been chosen in order to get as much publicity as possible although some of the work in the show is a little risque. The basic idea is that it is by women and about women but it is definately not a feminist thing. The artists involved are Delaine Le Bas, Alex Michon, Liz Neal, Stella Vine and of course me!

I'm currently trying to write something to go alongside my work for Arty (the art fanzine) and as usual writing about my own work is really really hard! I am painting a collection of bad girls from Patty Hearst to Courtney Love the idea being that I create a kind of landscape of unnatural women (ie not focusing on the usual feminine attributes). Of course there is more to it than this and I have to try and articulate what it is. I think it is something to do with visual imagery, representation and myth making but pinning my thoughts down is very tricky.

Anyway here is a little preview of one of my "bad girls"

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