Thursday, February 19, 2004

Stella at The Saatchi

Today I went to the Saatchi Galllery at County Hall to see the latest exhibit. It's called Hi Paul and is by Stella vine and just 10 days ago it was in the Girl on Girl show at Transition. The painting is going to be part of the new display at the gallery which is going to be called New Blood and this is what Stella and me came up with to go on the label -

Stella Vine's work deals with her fascination with the trashy and the dark. Underlying this is a sometimes contradictory love for her subjects. Hi Paul Can You Come Over... examines that pivotal moment in the standing of the British Monarchy, the death of Princess Diana and the horror of her crash. All the conspiracy theories are summed up in this painting as a wild eyed and tiara clad Diana cries for help whilst painterly blood drips from her luscious lips.

Apart from this art trip I can't think of anything else that I have seen recently that has made a big impression on me (apart from of course the superlative Love N Bullets at Transition). Sophie von Hellerman at Vilma Gold's new gallery is very predictable and quite dull. I do like the sound of the new show coming up at The Nunnery where a whole lot of artists have responded to a Lowry painting. It opens on Thursday 19th Feb. Will report on it soon.

Hi Paul Can You Come Over... - Stella Vine

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