Friday, May 21, 2004

Transition Update

Wow, its all changed at Blogger. There is all this new profile stuff and they want me to answer weird random questions about spiders and China. Anyway enough of all that, cut to the important stufff. At the moment there is a fab painting show at Transition called Faith . It includes Claire Pestaille's sensationally scary Black Madonna (which needs to be seen in the flesh as it is almost impossible to photograph) and Simon Leahy Clark's fab untitled, bubble gum on linen, abstract.

Next up at the gallery is the long awaited first solo show by Stella Vine - Prozac and Private Views. Things are skipping along nicely preparation wise and I'm putting together a really cute little limited edition catalogue which is hopefully going to be sold by a glamorous 'cigarette girl' at the private view. Read all the latest stuff about the show etc. on Stella's blog .

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