Friday, June 25, 2004

Prozac and Joffe

Prozac and Private Views has been great and you can now buy your own copy of the limited edition signed and numbered catalogue from the Transition web site! You can also still visit the show which is on until 4th July and see among other highlights the Sylvia cooker.

Despite all the extra work involved in putting on this show I have managed to visit some other stuff including Chantal Joffe at The Bloomberg Space. This is a great show. Joffe has painted a series of huge, towering women in her trademark painterly style. Upon entering the space they tower over you, their long architectural legs stretching up and up. Joffe says that it is all about the paint, there is no narrative. I feel that this is disingenuous, if it were so why paint people at all. For me all these women have a story.

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