Friday, March 03, 2006


Finally after what seems like months the new Arty has arrived back from the printers. It is very different from before because it is now A4, it is printed rather than photocopied, it has an extra colour and it is what I am calling more 'practice based'. By this I mean that each issue will have fewer contributers but that they will each have more space to develop their themes. Contributors will be chosen because their work in some way adds to or clashes with the chosen theme of the issue.

It is good for Arty to have a change and now that Transition Editions publishes Garageland which contains some of the forthright and opinionated writing that was the old Arty it gives new Arty a chance to develop a different identity. I am also trying to link Arty a lot more to my own interests and painting practice. Putting it together is such a personal, labour intensive thing that it makes sense for it to join up with my other work. So fear not it still has that undesigned haphazard look about it!

Anyway it looks pretty good and I am quite pleased with it but printing rather than photocopying raises all sorts of different problems (not the least of which is the cost!)

So... please get out there and buy a copy. It is already in Transition and will be at other stockists over the weekend (some maybe not until next week)

Contributors for this dark issue are Rachel Cattle, Annabel Dover, Sian Emmison, Alex Michon and me

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Arty4ever said...

I have a website called and in a search for related sites your magazine "Dark Arty" poped up.

I dig the name. ;)