Friday, July 16, 2010

Puce Moment

The new show - Puce Moment - opens at Transition tonight (Fri 16 July) - it's named after a short film by Kenneth Anger which features a 20s starlet looking through her wardrobe before taking her elegant dogs for a walk. There are four artists in the show Ali Sharma, Paul HousleyCarla Busuttil and me - all painters. My work is inevitably Elvis inspired - this one is called New York 72 (Part 3)


CAP said...

I thought it was based on the private life of Alli Sharma.

Cathy said...

very funny CAP

Anonymous said...

can you please put up some photos on the transition site? the current ones are rubbish. thanks xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Cathy said...

I did update the pictures on the Transition site a bit yesterday - will try and add more when I get a minute
meanwhile + there are some here
and here