Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Superstar Sibling Singers

This is great on so many levels not least because it contains the line 'loneliness is such a sad affair'. It also has that  tension which is so evident in other sibling groups such as the Everly Brothers. Incidentally I find watching the Everly's early performances hypnotic, there is a weird current of menace beneath their close harmonies. Whenever I watch them I just want them to stare into each others eyes... two words come to mind David Lynch. But back to the late great Karen Carpenter. I have said this before but I can't say it too many times Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story by Todd Haynes is genius (oh and it is worth checking out the Sonic Youth cover of Superstar)

This interest in siblings has been stirred by the current show at Transition, Form. which is by Alice and Joe Woodhouse and also the forthcoming issue of Garageland which is about 'Family'


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Mike Bartlett said...

Just watched this film. Brilliantly done.
Mike B