Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cut me beautiful

I have been thinking about the nuances in how cosmetic surgery is reported and perceived. Helen Mirren and Julie Christie are reported as having had good surgery - it doesn't change them too much, just helps them age gracefully. The main work they have (apparently) had is jaw work or a lower facelift - this means that they don't have to live with unsightly jowls. There are recommendation for more stuff they could do but they are generally looking good for their age.

'Bad' cosmetic surgery goes too far and it creates a look that could never be natural. 81 year-old Kim Novak, for instance, was derided for her strange new look with 'plumped up cheeks, stretched lips and high brows', when she presented an award at the 2014 Oscars.

So in effect we are applauding the falsifying nature of 'natural' surgeries while denigrating the honest artifice of the unnatural, 'too much', surgeries.

Helen Mirren and Julie Christie

I recommend the 'You Must remember This' podcast generally for anyone interested in Hollywood stars, but specifically, in relation to what I have discussed, the episode on Kim Novak is very good.

Kim Novak

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