Saturday, January 07, 2017

Rewriting Fashion History

Way back in the 1990s I was the makeup artist on a shoot for ID magazine with the photographer Juergan Teller - our model was Kristen McMenamy. This is the cover and one of the other images that we produced.

Makeup artists and hairdressers were not paid by ID, we did it purely for credits. These images have become fashion famous and have been reused loads of times in other magazines and books but the hair and makeup artist have never been credited in these subsequent uses. Today I listened to an interview with Kristen McMenemy on the Showstudio site where she talks about her collaboration with Juergan and how she came to she draw the Versace heart on her chest. She did not mention the other 'collaborators' on the shoot. She is probably misremembering but to redress the record I would like to state that I was the makeup artist and that handwriting is mine. I am not disputing the collaborative nature of the Versace idea and the genius of the photographer but it would be nice to get the credit for my unpaid work.

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