Monday, March 03, 2003

So... today I'm taking down my show. A little sad but also quite glad its over as it means

1: I did it
2: I don't have to worry about anything breaking down anymore.

I forgot to mention before that I am the "director" of the gallery as well as the other things I do. We're working on the programme of shows at the moment which are
Scritch Scratch
Sense and Sensibility
Arty Tecture

I'm also thinking about new art I want to make, but as so often happens post show, can't decide which idea to follow first. So I'll probably check out some other shows this week and write my piece for the new Arty - scandal issue.

Anyway - saw Arsenal yesterday and they won 2:0 against Charlton which means we are 8 points clear. Thierry Henry was great and it made me very happy.

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