Thursday, March 06, 2003

This morning I am waiting at home for some postcards to be delivered. This is the third day that I have been waiting for these cards. It is making me very frustrated as I have about five thousand other things I should be / would rather be doing. The cards are invites for the next four shows coming up at Transition, one of which "Daying" previews next Thursday (13th March) so we urgently need the card so it can be sent out!

When these arrive I am going over to my studio to finish a painting which I am entering for a competition. The painting is called "The Green Flash" and was one that was in my Alleyoops show but I've decided it needs to be changed. This means it must be dry by Saturday when I am delivering it, so I must finish it today, so the postcards must be here soon! The competition is The Jerwood Painting Prize. It is won every year by really well known artists so I have no chance but I've paid my entry fee so what the hell.

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