Monday, February 07, 2005


I have just written a beautiful, pithy piece about Conrad Shawcross's Continuum, the fantastic Queen's House and the crap National Maritime Museun Greenwich and somehow it has dissapeared into the ether. I am very upset and I may give up blogging altogether.

I will just give you a summary as I can't possibly write it again. The Continuum is brilliant and is perfectly site specific. The museum is bland and has no character. Too may visitors is bad, interactive is bad, engagement is good. the Continuum has now finished.

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I arrived there just before last entry and had to beg to get in only to find they had switched everything off half an hour before closing, which was really dissapointing.

After more begging I was able to see Continuim working just a shame the museum was not prepared to have the work running during the full opening times.