Sunday, April 02, 2006

Openings and Closings

Since my last post lots has happened:

- I have been on a very short holiday to the Scilly Isles where it mostly rained.

- Godwottery has finished and Transition in Lauriston Road has pulled down its shutter for the last time. Everybody who has told me that they really loved the space and its such a shame that we are moving should have 1: told me this while we were open, 2: try sitting in a freezing cold garage for 5 hours in sub zero temperatures with no punters, 3: open their own gallery.

- Stella Vine is well on the way towards opening the fab Rosy Wilde mark 2 in Soho. She is brimming over with exciting new ways of doing the gallery thing. It is fantastically refreshing and a real antidote to all that art world subfusc intellect, shark like commercial dealing and basically nasty backstabbing. Check out its progress at her always entertaining blog.

- Very excitingly me and Stella are going to be doing a show together in September called Sweet Love and Romance at a venue yet to be confirmed. Watch this space for more details.

- I have a solo show opening at LANGE GASSE 28 artist studio in Augsburg Germany on 7th April. It is called Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary and features a series of obsessive, repeated paintings of Mary Bell.

- I went to a very exciting party for the launch of GQ Style with Stella. We had a great journey to the Bond Street venue, winding our way through an Absolute Beginners esque soho and stopping off to check out the new Rosy Wilde. The highlight at the party was the appearance of Chantelle and Preston accompanied by legions of bulb flashing paps. They looked really cute and like they were really loving it.

- Everything is coming along nicely at the new Transition venue and hopefully it should all be ready for the opening of Baroque My World on friday night (7th April 6-9pm in case you wanna come along).

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