Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am ART BLITZed out at the moment (capitals are obligatory as pointed out by Hackney Citizen) . If you have been out of the country and away from the internet let me explain more. ART BLITZ is a fundraiser for Transition Gallery - inspired by the style and politics of the 1980s. The event night (Sat November 27) is getting more and more interesting and this is even before the auction bit happens. We have music, performance and A.R.T. Poker lined up plus we are currently experimenting with cocktails to create the perfect ART BLITZ cherry on the top combination (I keep thinking it should be blue but maybe that is a one step too far).

I have made a Blitz kid triptych for the occasion - Blitz Kid 1 (Scarlett) pictured below. We even have work donated by New Romantic luminary Princess Julia in the auction. Online bidding is happening right now... I recommend getting yours in early!

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